The Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools are currently closed.

  • The Glacier Hot Pools are currently closed for winter. As winter is a very quiet season for us and will be even more quiet this year with most international borders still shut, we've decided to temporarily hibernate the Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools. We will review the status of the Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools after the winter season is over and provide updates when we can.

    Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools are located at 63 Cron Street, Franz Josef. Entrance to the pools is within the Glacier Base building.

    Yes. The pool temperatures vary from 36 to 40 degrees Celsius.

    Each pool is approximately 1 metre deep. We do require all children to be supervised by an adult at all times whilst in the pools.

    Each private pool session is for 45mins, after which you can then enjoy the main pools. All day passes are available and there is no time limit, ask at reception for details.

    The hot pools are outside among the rainforest with shade covers overhead.

    Both towels and swimwear are available to hire for a cost of $5. Of course you are more than welcome to bring your own.

    No we don't, our lowest temperature pool is 36 degrees Celsius.

    Private Pool bookings are for a minimum of two and a maximum of four people. In order to comply with Health and Safety obligations, private pools cannot be booked for one person only. This is for your safety as these pools are not under direct lifeguard supervision.

    The water is cleaned by both filtration and disinfection with Chlorine. The complex pools use a system of multimedia sand filtration, with low pH Chlorine which is automatically dosing to 2.5ppm. Each of the public pools has its total volume of water turned over every 60mins, as does the main balance tank for the private pools.

    The water is heated by two 550 kilowatt LPG boilers.

    Whilst we will never fully be able to avoid sandflies/mosquitos, we do have a mosquito eliminator located out in a remote area of the complex, to attract them away from the pools!

    The private pools, which are only filled on demand, take just 8 minutes to fill and 4 minutes to drain. Our main pools are filled every morning.

    Yes - The water is pure water. It is not from a natural thermal spring which sometimes carries an amoebic meningitis risk.

    The foyer, changing rooms and cabana (private pool changing facility) floors are heated.

    No alcohol is permitted at the Glacier Hot Pools. We are also a smoke free complex.

    Lockers are available outside the changing rooms costing $2. In addition, there are cubbyholes by the poolside - items left here are done so at the owner's risk.

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